REIKI. Training and Consulting

REIKI. Training and Consulting

Reiki is a Japanese technique relaxation and energy healing. It is above all is a simple, natural and safe method of wellbeing and self-improvement that everyone can use.

Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that a “life force energy” flows through us and is what gives us life. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, sadness and other negative emotions, but if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

This ancient and powerful method using energy was discovered and transmitted by Mikao Usui. The ability to practice Reiki is transferred from the Master Teacher to the student through initiations, oth-erwise known as “attunements”, during Reiki classes.

The Reiki practitioner has him/herself received initiations by which the Reiki symbols which carry and activate the energy have been placed within his/her aura. That is why one never has to tap into one’s own energy and it is always readily available.

Receiveing a Reiki treatment brings a sensation of deepest relaxation close to a state of medita-tion, simply by the gentlest touch of the hands.

Then begins the cleansing process of the physical body and its energy. Once the body is relaxed and recovers its health, the mind naturally enlightens and you will experience feelings of appeasement, wellbeing and tranquility.

And once the body is appeased, the cleansing of the mind and heart can begin.

By it’s action, Reiki :

  • Treats irrational fears, sleep disorders, alleviates mental obstacles and stagnations and increases the circulation of energy. It also relieves depression, feelings of sadness and chronic stress.
  • Helps heal wounds of the past, for example something weighing on your heart since a very long time, bereavement, separations, passed traumas etc…It helps recover balance and harmony and restore the immune system.
  • It helps heal injuries of the past, such as something that’s been weighing on your heart for a very long time, bereavement, separations, past traumas etc…It helps recover balance and harmony and to restore the immune system.
  • Once the body and heart are relieved, you recover all your mental capacities.

Spiritually Reiki allows you to accept your inner-self by accepting and integrating what life’s numerous experiences has taught you. You will be able to retrieve the past memories, deeply buried within you, that constantly influence your every day life.

Open your consciousness and spread your wings towards a brighter, happier life whilst in harmony and feeling at one with the universe.

Good to know: Reiki acts in relation to each individual’s natural biorhythm and according to their personal energy needs: No more, no less, for in fact, it’s the recipient who ‘absorbs’ just the right amount of energy required, through the practitioner, who merely acts as a conductor.

Whilst Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. It has no dogma, and there is nothing you must believe in order to learn and use Reiki. In fact, Reiki is not dependent on belief at all and will work whether you believe in it or not.

There are no undesired side-effects or limitations, anybody seeking physical, mental or emotional well-being is eligible for Reiki.

It also works on animals, plants, the planet and all kinds of situations. It can also act against illness, in conjunction with medical treatments, improving their efficiency.

How a session is conducted and useful information.

The session begins with a discussion: We speak about your expectations and the aspects of your life that you would like to change. This is the time to identify the repeating patterns that are currently inhibiting you and denying you access to a higher state of consciousness.

Next, I ask you to lie down or remain in a comfortably seated position, fully clothed, in order to begin the treatment. I provide the Reiki energy by gently placing my hands on the parts of the body that require attention. You have absolutely nothing to do, other than just relax, close your eyes or even sleep, as it doesn’t affect the treatment’s efficiency in any way. The Reiki energy then works for several days after the session.

To finish, I give you the opportunity to express your feelings and discuss about your impressions on the session.

I also give you tools for personal, practical development in order to continue in your wellbeing.

It is also possible to have a session performed at distance, either in addition to a previous physical meeting, in order to prolong it’s effect, or if you are simply unable to travel.

* Price of 1 Reiki session (1hr approx) : 60€
* 4 session package : 200€

(In order to fully experience the benefits of Reiki and its power of personal healing, 3 to 4 sessions are generally necessary)

* Price of a therapeutic session with guidance (personal consultation concerning a specific issue or problem, followed by a Reiki session, 1h30 approx) : 80€
* Price for a remote session : 52€

Training course and initiation to Reiki

When you have had several Reiki sessions and experienced its numerous benefits, you may want to go further and become independent.

You can learn to self-administer Reiki in order to take care of yourself. You can treat others around you, your loved-ones, by passing Reiki on to them. You learn to live life at it’s present, here and now.

And finally, sometimes it’s a call of the heart, to fulfill a mission in life or by professional orientation.

Meral Per, Master Teacher of Usui Reiki, energy healer, medium.

Energy practitioner, medium.

Meral Per, Master Teacher of Usui Reiki, energy healer, medium.

Energy practitioner, medium.

The initiation process is comprised of 3 degrees


This first degree is aimed at awakening your vital energy force. By receiving the 4 Reiki attunements, you will activate your own Reiki channel. After the first level Reiki, you will be able to perform Reiki upon yourself through daily auto-sessions or on a more punctual basis, and on others around you.

However, this first level is essentially about learning how to care for yourself in priority.

By respecting the 5 fundamental principles on which Reiki was based by Mikao Usui:

• Kyô dake wa Just For Today:
• Ikaru na: I will not be angry
• Shinpai suna : I will not worry
• Kansha shite: I’m grateful for many blessings
• Gyo o hage: I will fully accomplish my duty
• Hito ni shinsetsu ni: I will be kind towards others and all living things

You will establish peace within yourself, acceptance of who you are and the responsibilty of cre-ating your own life.

This stage is crucial as it delivers the basis of the Usui Reiki method on which the following levels are based.  This first degree is instructed over two days.

Course content :

• What is Reiki, its history and its function.
• How Reiki purifies and contributes to self-healing.
• The 4 initiations of the first degree.
• The five fundamental principles of Reiki.
• The placing of the hands for oneself or for another person.
• Practice of Reiki on oneself and exchange of sessions between each other.
• Time to share, discussion and questions.
• JRT (Japanese Reiki Techniques) : Kenyoku, Joshin  Gassho Koketsu Ho, Méditation Gassho.

Price: 180€


The second degree is focused on reviewing the first and reinforcing your connection to energy.

• You will learn the 3 Reiki symbols (Hôs) which reinforce your energy and that you can use routinely when working on yourself or treating others.
• Learn to feel the energy in your hands « Hibiki » and enhance your self-healing.
• Learn how to achieve a strong distant connection (distant healing) and the use of quartz crystal in this approach.

It is also about resorting to your intuition, allowing yourself to discard the basic Reiki ‘rules’ thus adapting and personalising treatments towards the individual needs of the recipient.

As of this point, you will be able to consider yourself a fully trained Reiki practitioner. And finally, it’s the opportunity to deepen your relationship to Reiki and make it part of your everyday life.

The second degree is instructed over two days.

Course content:

• Reviewal of the first degree
• The three traditional symbols, their meaning and wide range of use.
• Understanding the « heart » symbol.
• Use of quartz crystal in distant-healing.
• The second degree initiation.
• Initiation of the heart symbol and initiation of the feet.
• JRT (Japanese Reiki Techniques) : Mental treatment according to masters M. Usui, Jacky-Kiri Joka Ho, Laser Ho, Hesso Chiryo

Price: 270€


The third degree of Reiki enables the student to become a Reiki Master. SHINPIDEN means «mystery teachings » in Japanese. You will learn to listen to your inner voice, to let go and under-stand your responsibility and influence towards yourself and others.

This degree is aimed at those who wish to go the whole way and learn everything there is on the use of Reiki as part of one’s personal spiritual development, guidance and in self-healing.

This stage will guide you in your personal development and you will understand how you can influ-ence your own life and live at one with the universe. It is at this level that students are ‘attuned’ to the Master level, which is a very powerful and beautiful attunement. This again, raises the student’s energy vibration to the highest level and enhances the Reiki skills previously taught. Students are taught the Master symbols, which can then be used in the attunement process of others.

This third degree will allow you, depending on your own personal investment, to become your own shining light and to share it with others.

To become a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, experience and observation of Reiki classes being taught is essential, together with a strong understanding of teaching and learning styles.

As a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, I feel honored to be able to pass these teachings on to students, knowing they are learning a healing system that will enhance their own life in such positive ways.

I would like to culminate by this quotation of a great man, which has deeply inspired me: “…as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” – Nelson Mnadela –

At the end of the Shinpiden degree course you will have mastered energy by becoming a Reiki Master. You will be presented with a certificate of completion and a manual.

The third degree is instructed over two days.

Course Content :

• Reviewal of the previous degrees.
• Learning of the Master Usui symbol.
• Initiation of the Master Usui symbol
• Reiki meditation using Reiki symbols.
• Use of quartz cystals and Reiki : how to create a « crystal grid » allowing the Reiki rays to be sent to an unlimited amount of recipients, each receiving the specific amount required.
• Antahkarana – energy and spiritual support.
• Techniques for meditation, purification, forgiveness and letting go.
• Treatments and techniques using different energy fields.
• JRT (Japanese Reiki Techniques) : Reiji Ho, Gyoshi Ho, Koki Ho, Joshin Kokyu Ho.

Price: 450€

Means of payment : Cash, Cheque, Paypal.

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