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Mediumship and Spirituality

Since a very young age I have had the ability to sense things. Whether it be in the form of a flash, entities or energies, people, their emotions, premonitory dreams etc…in short, I see what is otherwise « invisible ».

It’s through the learning and practice of Reiki that my abilities as a medium have powerfully increased. I pick-up on all levels of spiritual vibrancy depending on the person but in the best possible way and intention, and at the same time, all in harmony whilst at one with the universe.

It’s precisely this same « invisible world » that lead me to Reiki.

So, that makes me a medium! To be a medium is to be a channel, a messenger, between the physical (visible) world and the spiritual (invisible) one.

My mediumship generally operates during my Reiki sessions. I thus become the channel and I can connect to your soul.

Being the channel, enables me to hear your guides and everything you need to know in your best interest and with your greatest welfare.

I can transmit messages from departed loved ones. For sometimes, spirits cannot leave this earth due to their attachment to us, or to an unresolved problem. It’s through this channel that I become the intermediary capable of freeing you and releasing the defunct towards the light.

During this connection, I also deliver you the messages from your guides that help you in your choices, relationships and the challenges you face in life.

I am very often able to connect with your past lives and your karmic ties to a difficult situation concerning a relationship or a person. This spiritual connection allows you to free yourself of your energetic, spiritual chains and thus heal deeply buried wounds from past lives.

Such spiritual chains weigh us down, burden us and lower our vibrancy and vital energy.

As we can’t see these hindrances physically, they manifest themselves via physical symptoms such as illness, recurring negative patterns, bad habits etc…

Listen to your body, it’s talking to you!

  • It’s not your back that hurts, but the weight you’re carrying.
  • It’s not your eyes that hurt, it’s the harshness of what you see.
  • It’s not your head that hurts, it’s your thoughts.
  • It’s not your throat, but what you can’t and don’t say creating anger.
  • It’s not your stomach that hurts, it’s what the soul can’t digest.
  • It’s not your liver that hurts, but the anger within you.
  • It’s not your heart that hurts, it’s Love, but Love is also the most powerful remedy.

Let me shed light on your life, on your relationships, that pain that’s been gnawing at you from the inside, on why you feel unsatisfied, which way to go now, your future…with clarity, honesty and with all the kindness that I naturally bear, without judgment and above all focused on positive objectivity.

I offer this mediumship / clairvoyance session with reiki care

the session begins with a discussion: I ask your date of birth and we discuss your expectations and the areas of your life that you want to clarify and have answers.

Then, I invite you to lie down, dressed so that you can start my mediumship sideways. Reiki.

You have nothing to do except relax.

Finally, I am listening to your feelings, we end by exchanging on your impressions. To be of real quality, I remain available for your returns in the future.

It is also possible to do this session remotely.

I propose a session of spiritual guidance through Reiki at the price of 60€ for 1 hour. The session can be carried out at distance, at the price of 45€ for a 45 minute session.

Tarot card reading is certainly the most well-known divination method but also the most fascinating. Tarot is also a marvelous means of personal development leading to an in-depth knowledge of one’s inner-self.

It’s a surprisingly interesting technique, vast and intricate, but when you listen to your tarot readings, multiple options open before you.

In small groups or individually, I will teach you all the secrets to Tarot reading and give you the opportunity to find yourself on the other side of the mirror. This work-shop is aimed at initiating you to Tarot reading, to developing your intuition and to enable you to practice your own readings. Tarot cards are above all a wonderful method to self-awareness and personal development.

At the end of the class a detailed manual will be given to you in order to help in your personal progress.

Course content

  • Study of the 22 Major Arcana and their symbolism.
  • General, Love, Professional, Financial, Health.
  • Card combinations and meanings.
  • 3 reading techniques explained.
  • Their spiritual meanings within the sacred universe mandala.
  • Practice through exchange reading.

In order to offer the best learning conditions, the course is limited to 4 participants at a time.

The course is open to everyone…you are welcome to come as you are with your Tarot deck in hand.

Please contact me for future dates and bookings

Price: 110€

Means of payment : Cash, Cheque, Paypal

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Meral Per, Master Teacher of Usui Reiki, energy healer, medium.

Energy practitioner, medium.

Meral Per, Master Teacher of Usui Reiki, energy healer, medium.

Energy practitioner, medium.

06 89 32 66 19
MONDAY: 09H – 18H
TUESDAY: 09H – 18H
FRIDAY: 09H – 18H

06 89 32 66 19
MONDAY: 09H – 18H
TUESDAY: 09H – 18H
FRIDAY: 09H – 18H